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The Law Office specializes in consultations and legal advice in terms of widely considered civil law.

We help our Clients to meet claims arising out of contractual obligations and torts. We provide legal assistance among others in cases of repairing the damage to property resulting from failure or improper performance of the contract, claims for memorandum of agreements, the indexation of cash benefits, the liability of public authorities for damage caused by actions against the law, and in matters of remedy for harms. We protect our Clients from the activities of debtors made with harm to creditors. We meet claims for warranty in sales and claims of parties in building works contracts.

We handle proprietary cases including the matters of proprietorship protection, prescriptive right, the abolition of joint ownership, the transgression of tenure and of perpetual book entries.

We handle cases of the infringement of private properties, copyrights and related to them inventive rights.

Our qualifications in the field of civil law, commercial law, including corporate law and international economic turnover allow us to offer a comprehensive look at legal problems, and the adoption of an appropriate solution in a specific case.

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